Jin Zhao

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Jin Zhao

Room 2-817, Beihang University, Beijing, P.R. China

Email: jin.zhao@buaa.edu.cn

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Multi-phase flow and heat transfer physics, chemically reacting, high-speed

and their engineering applications to aeronautics and astronautics, 

including hypersonic aerothermodynamics of air and space flight systems.

Work and Education

2019.08-Current; Asso. Prof., School of Aeronautic Science and Engineering, Beihang University, Beijing, China.

2018.10-2019.07; PDRA, CEAS, The University of Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom.

2018; Ph.D Thermal Engineering, University of Leeds, Leeds, United Kingdom.

Courses Taught

Hypersonic Aerothermodynamics (At Beihang, 2022-)

Thermodynamics (At Beihang, 2019-)

Heat Transfer (At Beihang, 2019-2022)

Journal Articles (Selected)

He L., Zhao J.*, Yao G.*, Tang J., Cao Y. and Wen D.*

''Nano-roughness effect on the interfacial thermal oxidation and surface catalytical recombination characteristics for silicon carbide based materials under non-equilibrium flow''

Applied Surface Science 160263 (2024).

Tang J., Zhao J.*, Yao G., Xing H., Cao Y. and Wen D.*

'' Hyperthermal erosion of knitted graphene-nanoribbon sheet under atomic oxygen bombardment''

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 125541  (2024).

Cao Y., Ye Z., Zhao J.*, Cui Z., Tang J. and Wen D.*

''Effect of hyperthermal hybrid gas composition on the interfacial oxidation and nitridation mechanisms of graphene sheet''

Langmuir 40.14 (2024). (supplementary journal cover image)

Jin K., Zhao J.*, Yao G. and Wen D.*

''A modified local thermal non-equilibrium model of transient phase-change transpiration cooling for hypersonic thermal protection''

Advances in Aerodynamics 6.1 (2024).

Cao Y., Ye Z., Tang J., Zhao J.* and Wen D.

''Evolution and response mechanisms of interfacial thermochemical reactions for silicon carbide materials''

Acta Aerodynamica Sinica 42 (2024).

Sun H., Yao G.*, Zhao J., Gao H. and Wen D. 

''Molecular revelation of the effects of methanol additive for coke inhibition during the pyrolysis of endothermic hydrocarbon fuels''

Fuel 363, 130958 (2024).

Ye Z., Zhao J.* and Wen D.

"Multiscale coupling simulation of surface catalytic effect on hypersonic aerothermodynamic environment."

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 222, 125152  (2024).

Wu C., Bi L.*, Zhao J., Tang Z., Yuan X. and Wen D. 

''Instability onset of Rayleigh-Bénard convection for diatomic rarefied gases: Effects of molecular interaction models and flow parameters.''

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 220, 124923 (2024).

Ye Z., Zhao J.*, Zhu B., Jing Z., Sun X., Stemmer C., Adams N. A. and Wen D.* 

"A hybrid CFD-RMD multiscale coupling framework for interfacial heat and mass simulation under hyperthermal ablative conditions."

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 213, 124341  (2023).

He L., Ye Z., Cao Y., Tang J., Zhao J.* and Wen D.*

''Influence of surface nanostructures on the catalytic recombination of hyperthermal non-equilibrium flow''

Physics of Fluids 35, 4 (2023).

Ye Z., Cui Z., Xing H., Zhao J.* and Wen D.

''Reactive molecular dynamics simulation investigations on the thermal pyrolysis of phenolic resin and the blowing effect''

Aerospace Technology 26 (2023).

Ye Z., Zhao J.*, Li Z., Sun X. and Wen D.

''Multiscale coupling simulation method of thermal protection material ablation based on the thermochemical interfacial reactive model''

Acta Aeronautica et Astronautica Sinica 29469 (2023).

Cui Z., Zhao J., Yao G.*, Zhang J., Li Z., Tang Z. and Wen D.

''Competing effects of surface catalysis and ablation in hypersonic reentry aerothermodynamic environment''

Chinese Journal of Aeronautics 35, 10 (2022).

Deng J., Zhang J.*, Liang T., Zhao J., Li Z. and Wen D.

''A modified Cercignani–Lampis model with independent momentum and thermal accommodation coefficients for gas molecules scattering on surfaces''

Physics of Fluids 34, 10 (2022).

He L., Cui Z., Sun X., Zhao J.* and Wen D.*

''Sensitivity analysis of the catalysis recombination mechanism on nanoscale silica surfaces''

Nanomaterials 12, 14 (2022).

Cui Z., Ye Z., Zhao J.*, Sun X., Yao G. and Wen D.*

''Coupled surface-volume pyrolysis effects of carbon-phenolic resin composites under hyperthermal non-equilibrium flows''

Physics of Fluids 34, 6 (2022).

Cui Z., Zhao J.*, Yao G., Li Z. and Wen D.*

''Molecular insight of the interface evolution of silicon carbide under hyperthermal atomic oxygen impact''

Physics of Fluids 34, 5 (2022).

Zhao J., Sun X., Zhang J., Tang Z. and Wen. D.*

''Research advances on heat and mass transfer coupling effect at gas-solid interface for thermal protection materials''

Acta Aeronautica et Astronautica Sinica 43, 10 (2022).

Cui Z., Yao G., Zhao J.*, Zhang J. and Wen D.*

''Atomistic-scale investigations of hyperthermal oxygen–graphene interactions via reactive molecular dynamics simulation: The gas effect''

Physics of Fluids 33, 5 (2021).

Yao G., Zhao J., Haruna M. and Wen D.*

''Molecular dynamics insight into viscosity reduction of hydrolysed polyacrylamide by using carbon quantum dots''

RSC Advances 11, 42 (2021).

Cui Z., Zhao J.*, He L., Jin H., Zhang J. and Wen D.*

''A reactive molecular dynamics study of hyperthermal atomic oxygen erosion mechanisms for graphene sheets''

Physics of Fluids 32, 11 (2020).

Yao G., Yang H., Zhao J. and Wen D.*

''Experimental study on flow and heat transfer enhancement by elastic instability in swirling flow''

International Journal of Thermal Sciences 157, 106504 (2020).

Zhao J., Yao G. and Wen D.*

''Salinity-dependent alterations of static and dynamic contact angles in oil/brine/calcite systems: a molecular dynamics simulation study''

Fuel 272, 117615 (2020).

Yao G., Zhao J., Shen X., Yang H. and Wen D.*

''Effects of rheological properties on heat transfer enhancements by elastic instability in von-Karman swirling flow''

International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 152, 119535 (2020).

Yao G., Zhao J., Yang H., Haruna M.A. and Wen D.*

''Effects of salinity on the onset of elastic turbulence in swirling flow and curvilinear microchannels''

Physics of Fluids 31, 12 (2019).

Zhao J., Yao G. and Wen D.*

''Pore-scale simulation of water/oil displacement in a water-wet channel''

Frontiers of Chemical Science and Engineering 13, 803 (2019).

Hu Z., Gao H., Ramisetti S., Zhao J., Nourafkan E., Glover P. and Wen D.

''Carbon quantum dots with tracer-like breakthrough ability for reservoir characterization''

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Zhao J., Yao G., Ramisetti S., Hammond R. and Wen D.*

''Molecular dynamics investigation of substrate wettability alteration and oil transport in a calcite nanopore''

Fuel 239, 1149 (2019).

Yao G., Zhao J., Ramisetti S., and Wen D.*

''Atomistic molecular dynamic simulation of dilute poly (acrylic acid) solution: Effects of simulation size sensitivity and ionic strength''

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research 57, 50 (2018).

Zhao J., Yao G., Ramisetti S., Hammond R. and Wen D.*

''Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the Salinity Effect on the n-Decane/Water/Vapor Interfacial Equilibrium''

Energy & Fuels 32, 11 (2018).

Huang S.*, Zhao J., Gong L.* and Duan X.

''Thermal performance and structure optimization for slotted microchannel heat sink''

Applied Thermal Engineering 115, 1266 (2017).

Zhao J. and Wen D.*

''Pore-scale simulation of wettability and interfacial tension effects on flooding process for enhanced oil recovery''

RSC Advances 7, 66 (2017).

Hu Z., Zhao J., Gao H., Nourafkan E. and Wen D.*

''Transport and deposition of carbon nanoparticles in saturated porous media''

Energies 10, 8 (2017).

Zhao J., Huang S.*, Gong L.* and Huang Z.

''Numerical study and optimizing on micro square pin-fin heat sink for electronic cooling''

Applied Thermal Engineering 93, 1347 (2016).

Gong L.*, Zhao J. and Huang S.*

''Numerical study on layout of micro-channel heat sink for thermal management of electronic devices''

Applied Thermal Engineering 88, 480 (2015).

Refereed Conferences (Selected)

Yingfei Cao, Jin Zhao, Guice Yao and Dongsheng Wen 

A multiscale-model data fusion methodology for thermal interfacial property predictions of ZrB2-SiC composite materials 

CHT24 (9th ICHMT International Symposium on Advances in Computational Heat Transfer), May 26 - 30, 2024, Istanbul, Turkiye (Extended Abstract Submitted)

Ju Tang, Jin Zhao, Guice Yao and Dongsheng Wen 

Multi-scale modelling: Thermophysical properties prediction during high-temperature pyrolysis of composites and thermal response evaluation by scale-bridging reactive molecular dynamics 

CHT24 (9th ICHMT International Symposium on Advances in Computational Heat Transfer), May 26 - 30, 2024, Istanbul, Turkiye (Extended Abstract Submitted)

Kaiyan Jin, Jin Zhao, Dongsheng Wen 

Transpiration cooling: A modified local thermal non-equilibrium model of transient phase-change transpiration cooling for hypersonic thermal protection

SAIA2023 (The 2nd International Symposium on Advances in Aerodynamics), 2023-12-09至2023-12-11,中国 广州 (Session chair – Jin Zhao and Oral presentation – Kaiyan Jin)



高温复合材料结构及其力学学术研讨会,2023-12-01,中国 北京 (Invited talk)



第三届先进编织复合材料与航空航天学术会议,2023-11-26,中国海南 博鳌 (Invited talk)


中国工程热物理学会传热传质学术会议,2023-11-17至2023-11-20,中国四川 成都 (Participation)


中国工程热物理学会多相流学术年会,2023-10-20至2023-10-22,中国 上海 (Participation)

Zhifan Ye, Jin Zhao, and Dongsheng Wen 

Multiscale CFD-RMD coupling simulation for material catalytic recombination characteristics under hyperthermal conditions,

IWHT2023(27th International Workshop on Heat/Mass Transfer Advances for Energy Conservation and Pollution Control), August 4-8, 2023, Tokushima, Japan (Oral presentation)


第八届高超声速流与防热材料耦合传热传质研讨会, 2023-7-13至2023-7-14,中国山东 威海 (Participation)


第二十届全国计算流体力学会议, 2023-6-24至2023-6-27,中国黑龙江 哈尔滨 (Oral presentation)



第三届中国临近空间科技发展论坛先进结构热防护与材料技术分论坛,2023-03-27至2023-03-29,中国湖南 长沙 (Oral presentation)



ICAYS2022,2022-11-20,中国 北京 (Invited talk and Session chair)



第十二届全国流体力学学术会议,2022-11-18至2022-11-18至2022-11-21,中国陕西 西安 (Oral presentation)



中国力学大会2022,2022-11-09,中国 成都 (Invited talk and Session chair)



第七届高超声速流与防热材料耦合传热传质研讨会,2022-08-04,中国青海 西宁 (Oral presentation)



第六届传热传质青年学术论坛,2023-4-14至2023-4-16,中国 东莞 (Invited talk)

崔智亮; 叶致凡; 赵瑾; 文东升; 


中国力学大会2021, 2021-11-5至2021-11-8, 中国 成都 (Oral presentation, *prize*)


A Reactive molecular dynamics study of hyperthermal atomic oxygen erosion mechanisms for graphene sheets

中国力学学会首届全国力学博士生学术论坛,2021-10-29至2021-10-31,中国 北京 (Oral presentation)


2021年中国工程热物理学会传热传质学术会议, 2021-10-29至2021-10-31,中国 上海 (Participation)

Jin Zhao

Multiscale insights of gas-surface interactions on the application of hypersonics

IWFHT2021 (International Workshop on Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer), 2021-9-26至2021-9-28, 中国 青岛 (Invited talk and Session chair)

Zhiliang Cui, Zhifan Ye, Jin Zhao , Jun Zhang, Dongsheng Wen 

Atomistic-Scale Investigations of Heterogeneous Reactions at the Gas-Solid Interface via Reactive Molecular Dynamics Simulation Method, 

ASCHT2021 (Asian Symposium on Computational Heat Transfer,亚洲计算传热与计算流体会议), 2021-9, 中国 青岛 (Oral presentation)

Zhifan Ye, Zhiliang Cui, Jin Zhao , Guice Yao, Dongsheng Wen 

Numerical simulations of high-temperature gas non-equilibrium effects on the aerothermodynamics for hypersonic vehicles, 

IWHT2021 (6th International workshop on heat-mass transfer), 2021-8-13至2021-8-16, 中国 哈尔滨 (Oral presentation)

Zhiliang Cui, Jin Zhao , Lichao He, Dongsheng Wen 

An Atomistic-Scale Study of Hyperthermal Non-Equilibrium Flow Interactions at the Gas-Solid Interface via Reactive Molecular Dynamics Simulation 

MNF2021 (7th Micro and Nano Flows Conference) 24-26 May 2021, Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom (Oral presentation)

崔智亮, 贺立超, 赵瑾 


第十三届全国高超声速科技学术会议,2021-04-14至2021-04-16,中国 厦门 (Oral presentation)

贺立超, 崔智亮, 赵瑾 

Research Progress of Surface Catalysis Characteristics at Gas-Solid Interface

第十三届全国高超声速科技学术会议,2021-04-14至2021-04-16,中国 厦门 (Oral presentation)



Other Media

AIPSci-Light: ‘Probing pyrolysis on the surface of thermal protection systems: Scilight: Vol 2022, No 26 (scitation.org)’|  https://aip.scitation.org/doi/10.1063/10.0012196

传热传质青委会:北京航空航天大学文东升教授课题组在高超声速气固界面传热传质多尺度机理表征并应用于航空航天热防护领域取得系列进展  |   #小程序://zwlpage/i34eHHqPjfN1dWD 

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Name of Research Group:传热传质多尺度研究小组
Description of Research Group:Research for Multi-{Phase, Component, Scale, Physics, …} flow and heat transfer.