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Prof. Tao Yang received the B.Sc. degree in electronics information engineering from Beihang University (Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics), China, in 2003. He received Ph.D. degrees in electrical engineering from the University of New South Wales (UNSW), Australia, in 2010. He was an OCE Postdoctoral Fellow with Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO), Australia. He was a faculty member within the Global Big Data Technologies Centre and School of Computing and Communications, University of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia. He held an Australian Research Council (ARC) Discovery Early Career Research Award (DECRA) Fellowship, and was the recipient of Australian Postgraduate Award (APA), NICTA research project award and Supplementary Engineering Award. He is currently with Beihang University, Beijing, China, where his research works are supported by National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC), National Key R&D Program of China and Beijing Natural Science Foundation. He has authored over 90 research articles in IEEE journals and conferences. He has been serving as the reviewer of ARC proposals, NSFC proposals, IEEE journals, and Technical Program Committee (TPC) members of the IEEE ICC and WCNC conferences. His research interests are 5G/6G wireless communication, space-air-ground integrated communication, cell-free networks, coding/signal processing for communications and network information theory. His specialties are multiple access, lattice codes, physical-layer network coding (compute-forward), MIMO and distributed MIMO, and iterative decoding/signal processing techniques.

  • Educational Experience
  • Work Experience
2000-9 | 2003-7
  • Beihang University
  • Information and Communication Engineering
  • University graduated
  • Bachelor's Degree

2004-7 | 2011-1
  • University of New South Wales
  • Information and Communication Engineering
  • With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study
  • Doctoral degree

2015-9 | 2018-9
  • 悉尼科技大学
  • 讲师

2013-8 | 2015-8
  • 新南威尔士大学
  • 研究助理

2010-9 | 2013-7
  • 澳大利亚联邦科学与工业研究院
  • 博士后

  • Social Affiliations
  • Research Focus
  • 国家自然科学基金评委

  • Reviewer of Australian Research Council Discovery Project Proposals

  • Reviewer of IEEE Trans. Inform. Theory, IEEE Trans. Wireless Commun., IEEE Trans. Commun., IEEE JSAC

  • TPC member of IEEE ICC, WCNC, Globecom

  • 5G应用方阵企业评审

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Associate Professor
Supervisor of Master's Candidates


Date of Employment:2018-12-14

School/Department:School of Electronics Information Engineering

Administrative Position:Associate Professor

Education Level:博士研究生

Business Address:New Main building F929


Contact Information:Wechat: 35771385 Email: Tyang@buaa.edu.cn

Degree:Doctoral Degree in Engineering


Academic Titles:Core Member of Future Communication and Networking Promotion Group

Other Post:未来通信与网络推进组成员

Alma Mater:Beihang University, New South Wales University

Discipline:Information and Communication Engineering

Honors and Titles:

Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Award  2015

联邦科学研究院优秀论文奖  2013

澳大利亚国家研究生奖  2010

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    Name of Research Group:Future communication and networking promotion Group

    Description of Research Group:未来通信与网络推进组承担了多项6G和卫星互联网前沿领域的国家重点研发项目,与华为、星网、信通院等单位协作

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