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  • C.H. Wang, L. Fang, Z. Wang, and C.X. Xu, Diagnostics of Fourier triad-phase synchronization via a phase-frozen model in 1D Burgers and 3D Navier-Stokes flows, European Turbulence Conference (ETC) 18, Valencia, 2023

  • C.S. Luo, R.Y. Mou, X.R. Huang, W.X. Huang, and L. Fang, Free streamline-boundary layer model for small-amplitude oscillation regime of square cylinder under vortex-induced rotation, 17th Asian Congress of Fluid Mechanics (ACFM), Beijing, 2023

  • Z.Y. He, J.L. Du, C.Y. Wang, L. Fang, and S. Chen, Large eddy simulation of a low-pressure turbine cascade at different conditions, 17th Asian Congress of Fluid Mechanics (ACFM), Beijing, 2023

  • R.Y. Mou, L. Fang, X.R. Huang, and W.X. Huang, Effects of Reynolds number and moment of inertia on vortex-induced rotations of a rigid square cylinder, The 21st IACM Computational Fluids Conference (CFC 2021), Hangzhou, 2021

  • T. Wu, C.H. Wang, and L. Fang, Long-term dynamics of triad interactions in turbulence, The 8th International Symposium on Physics of Fluids, Xi'an, 2019

  • F. Liu, L.P. Lu, L. Fang, J. Fang, and Q. Cao, Non-equilibrium turbulent phenomena in transitional flat plate boundary-layer flows, Global Power and Propulsion Society, Beijing, 2019

  • H.W. Zhao, X.R. Huang, J.L. Xu, and L. Fang, Sound Insulation Properties of Composite Laminated Structures, Global Power and Propulsion Society, Beijing, 2019

  • L. Fang, Non-equilibrium turbulence, 10th Centrale-Beihang Workshop, Nantes, 2019

  • F. Liu, L. Fang, and L.P. Lu, Non-equilibrium turbulent phenomena in channel flow, 9th Centrale-Beihang Workshop, Beijing, 2017

  • S.L. Wang, and L. Fang, Simulation and analytical expressions of the deformation limit of fluid particles, 9th Centrale-Beihang Workshop, Beijing, 2017

  • L. Fang, H.K. Zhao, L.P. Lu, Y.W. Liu, and H. Yan, Non-equilibrium turbulence in compressors, 9th Centrale-Beihang Workshop, Beijing, 2017

  • L. Fang, and L.P. Wang, A theoretical approach on the scaling of the second-order cross structure function in homogeneous shear turbulence, TSFP-9, Melbourne, 2015, poster

  • L. Fang, J. Lelouvetel, J. Caro, M. Lance, and F. Leboeuf, Development of "sph-turb": an open-source code using the smoothed particle hydrodynamics, 7th Centrale-Beihang Workshop, Beijing, 2014

  • Y.S. Jiang, L. Fang, X.D. Jing, X.F. Sun, and F. Leboeuf, A Hybrid Numerical Method for Elliptic Equations with Immersed Interfaces Using a Local Filter, ACFM14, Hanoi and Halong, 2013

  • J. Lelouvetel, L. Fang, J. Caro, and F. Leboeuf, Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics simulation for cavitating flows, 6th Centrale-Beihang Workshop, Lille, 2012

  • L. Fang, F. Gao, L. Shao, Y.W. Liu, and L.P. Lu, From theory to engineering: numerical simulation of turbulent flows in compressors, 5th Centrale-Beihang Workshop, Beijing, 2012

  • W.J.T. Bos, R. Rubinstein, and L. Fang, Depletion of advection in turbulent scalar mixing, ETC13, Warsaw, 2011

  • D. Le Touzé, J. Biddiscombe, A. Colagrossi, E. Jacquin, F. Leboeuf, J.-C. Marongiu, N. Quinlan, A. Amicarelli, M. Antuono, D. Barcarolo, M. Basa,  J. Caro, M. De Leffe, N. Grenier, P.-M. Guilcher, M. Kerhuel, L. Fang, L. Lobovský, S. Marrone, A. Marsh, G. Oger, E. Parkinson, and J. Soumagne, Next-generation multi-mechanics simulation engine in a highly interactive environment, Procedia Computer Science, v 7, p 292-293, 2011, Proceedings of the 2nd European Future Technologies Conference and Exhibition 2011, FET 11

  • Y. Wei, L. Fang, S. Cotin, and S. Ma, Interactive blood-coil simulation using Discrete Exterior Calculus, ICVFM, Caserta, 2010

  • L. Fang, W.J.T. Bos, L. Shao, and J.P. Bertoglio, On time-reversibility of subgrid-scale models for large-eddy simulation, DLES 8, Eindhoven, 2010

  • L. Fang, L. Shao, J.P. Bertoglio, L.P. Lu, and Z.S. Zhang, Rapid and slow decomposition in large eddy simulation of scalar turbulence, ASME FEDSM-ICNMM, Montreal, 2010

  • A. Amicarelli, F. Leboeuf, L. Fang, J. Caro, J.C. Marongiu, and J. Leduc, SPH truncation error in 3D simulations, SPHERIC, Manchester, 2010

  • L. Fang, W.J.T. Bos, L.Shao, and J.P. Bertoglio, A dynamic multiscale subgrid model for MHD turbulence based on Kolmogorov's equation, ETC12, Marburg, 2009, poster

  • Y. Wei, S. Cotin, L. Fang, J. Allard, C. Pan, and S. Ma, Toward real-time simulation of blood flow and coil interactions during aneurysm embolization, MICCAI, London, 2009 ( obtained the MICCAI Young Scientist Awards )

  • Y. Wang, H. Wang, C. Pan, and L. Fang, Style preserving Chinese character synthesis based on hierarchical representation of character, ICASSP, Las Vegas, 2008

  • L. Fang, L. Shao, J.P. Bertoglio, G. Cui, C. Xu, and Z. Zhang, An improvement of increment model by using Kolmogorov equation of filtered velocity, DLES 7, Trieste, 2008

  • L. Fang, J. Boudet, and L. Shao, Les echanges inter-echelles en simulation des grandes echelles, CFM 18, Grenoble, 2007

  • 姜海天,郭佳硕,隋钦丞,任一凡,黄行蓉,方乐,复材圆筒在流场激励下的声振特性研究,全国固体力学大会,南京,2024

  • 隋钦丞,姜海天,黄行蓉,方乐,不同拼接方式对组合结构振动特性的影响研究,全国固体力学大会,南京,2024

  • 柴锦,方乐,周期性条件对二维湍流大尺度流动结构影响的定性研究,中国力学大会,成都,2021

  • 赵宏凯,董明,方乐,转捩早期速度梯度的正数偏斜因子现象,中国力学大会,成都,2021

  • 陈泽灏,方乐,槽道湍流数值计算中残余散度问题的改进研究,第11届全国流体力学学术会议,深圳,2020

  • 柴锦,方乐, J.-P. Bertoglio,六边形谱空间网格在二维湍流计算的应用,第11届全国流体力学学术会议,深圳,2020

  • 赵宏凯,方乐,尾流的双尺度简化模型及其湍流模型建模,第11届全国流体力学学术会议,深圳,2020

  • 赵宏凯,方乐,尾流的双尺度简化模型及其大涡模拟建模,中国工程热物理年会,保定,2020

  • 贾康,方乐,黄伟希,均匀来流中并列反转柔性薄板拍动的数值研究,中国力学大会,杭州,2019

  • 赵宏凯,方乐,特定尺度扰动格栅湍流中的非均衡湍流现象,中国力学大会,杭州,2019

  • 吴彤,王楚涵,方乐,基于三波关系的湍流能量传递特征时间分析,中国力学大会,杭州,2019

  • 刘锋,方乐,陆利蓬, 时间反转湍流的非均衡性质研究, 第10届全国流体力学学术会议, 杭州, 2018

  • 王楚涵,方乐, 可解尺度线性强迫各向同性湍流在理性亚格子建模中的应用, 第10届全国流体力学学术会议, 杭州, 2018

  • 方乐, 非均衡湍流:现象、理论与建模, 2016年湍流与流动稳定性专题研讨会, 厦门, 2016

  • 鲍赋劼, 方乐, 槽道湍流中应变率张量的拉格朗日时间自相关研究, 全国流体力学学术会议, 南京, 2016

  • 方乐 W.J.T. Bos 晋国栋, 各向同性湍流拉格朗日速度梯度交叉相关函数的短期增长现象中国力学大会, 上海, 2015

  • 金雪夫, 方乐 王颖, 一种基于势能网格的新型人群流动数值模拟方法, 中国力学大会, 上海, 2015

  • 方乐 各向同性非均衡湍流与大涡模拟, 2014年湍流与流动稳定性专题研讨会, 上海, 2014

  • 曲波, 方乐 陆利蓬, 被动标量湍流对流与标量脉动梯度相关性研究, 中国力学大会, 西安, 2013

  • 吴建钊, 姚思远, 吕金明, 方乐, 任意方向三点速度增量的二阶结构函数的研究, 中国力学大会, 西安, 2013

  • 孙雪砚, 方乐 柳阳威, 亚格子建模中正交条件的研究, 北航研究生学术论坛, 北京, 2016

  • 李豪扬, 方乐 牛薇, 王璐, 基于斜截式变换的红外触摸屏触点识别算法, 北航研究生学术论坛, 北京, 2014

  • 李博, 方乐 陆利蓬, Scaling law of resolved-scale isotropic turbulence and its application in large-eddy simulation, 北航研究生学术论坛, 北京, 2013

  • 曲波, 方乐陆利蓬, Statistical correlation between scalar gradient and advection in turbulent passive scalar mixing, 北航研究生学术论坛, 北京, 2013


  • Marc Pauly , 方乐 , 微分方程, 科学出版社, 北京, 2013


Open Sources

  • sph-turb : 3D SPH simulation for homogeneous isotropic turbulence (Fortran 77)

  • pushbox-pyqt : A PyQT based Sokoban solver

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