Course Description

Antenna Theory and Design

  This course is for the postgraduates who are in electromagnetic fields, microwave techniques or some other majors related. Based on the theory of microwave technology, electromagnetics and information, etc, this course will systematically introduce the most basic and practical antennas’ design and measurement methods as well as the advanced antenna technology.

  At first, the concept of an antenna will be introduced, followed by the basic antenna parameters. Secondly, point sources and arrays will be analyzed, the theory and design methods of the wire antennas, microstrip antennas, broadband antennas will be studied in details. Some advanced researches in antenna area will be discussed to enrich the knowledge of the students.

  Finally, the students will learn how to use the software to design the antennas in simulation environment. At the same time, antenna experiments will help them to understand the antenna measurement methods.

  The students are required to submit a detailed course report. They are expected to build a good foundation before they are engaged in the related work.