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Dr. Wenyan Song is a professor in the School of Economics and Management at Beihang University. He is named in the "World's Top 2% of Scientists" List and the Elsevier "China Highly Cited Researchers" List (2020-2022).  His research focuses on product/service systems engineering, sustainable supply chain management, quality management, and risk management. Dr. Song has published more than 70 academic papers, and most of his research has been published in International Journal of Operations & Production Management, European Journal of Operational Research, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, IEEE Transactions on Reliability, and other international peer-reviewed journals. In addition, he has independently published one academic monograph with the publisher Springer, three books and textbooks with the China Machinery Industry Press. His research has been cited more than 3700 times in Google Scholar with an H-index of 36. Dr. Song has also obtained five authorized national invention patents. He is the Principal Investigator/Co-Principal Investigator of three national research projects including the National Key Research and Development Program of China and the National Natural Science Foundation of China.

    Dr. Song has been a reviewer for nearly 30 international SCI/SSCI journals, including IEEE T. Reliab., Int. J. Prod. Res., and Int. J. Prod. Econ., etc. He also serves as an expert of the China Service-oriented Manufacturing Alliance, a member of the 3D Printing and Social Manufacturing Committee of the Chinese Society of Automation, and a Scientific Committee Member of the 10th CIRP Conference on Industrial Product-Service Systems, and an Editorial Board Member of the Intelligent Manufacturing Service Special Issue of China Mechanical Engineering Journal.

    Students under his supervision have been awarded National Scholarships, Beijing Outstanding Graduates, Beihang Doctoral Student Excellence Academic Funds, Beihang Outstanding Master's Thesis, Beihang Graduate Student Outstanding Academic Thesis Award, Beihang Outstanding Graduates, and so on.

Research Interests:

product/service systems engineering, sustainable supply chain management, quality management, and risk management.


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[29] Liu, L., Song, W.*, & Han, W. (2020). How sustainable is smart PSS? An integrated evaluation approach based on rough BWM and TODIM. Advanced Engineering Informatics, 43, 101042. JCR Q1

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