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Date of Employment:2016-06-01

School/Department:School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering

Business Address:Room 411, No. 5 academic building





Alma Mater:Beihang University

Discipline:Mechanical Engineering
Special Medicine
Biomedical Engineering




Alma Mater:Beihang University



Xiao Yang, Associate Professor, master's supervisor and doctoral supervisor. She received the PhD degree in BUAA in Janurary 2016, and joined School of Biological and Medical Engineering in June 2016.  She teaches four courses for graduate students and 1 course for undergraduate students. Her research interests include aerospace biomedical engineering, space life science, biomechanics and mechanobiology. In recent years, she mainly focused on the mechanism of osteoporosis at the tissue level and cell level in microgravity environment during spaceflight, studied the biological response of osteocyte to mechanical stimulation under simulated microgravity, as well as the role of advanced glycation end products in the mechanism of weightlessness induced-osteoporosis. She published more than 20 SCI papers and more than 20 conference papers. she was selected for the oung Elite Scientists Sponsorship Program by CAST, and Beihang youth top talent. She hosted the National Natural Science Foundation Youth Fund, and participated almost ten provincial and national projects, including the national space station science projects. Secretary of the Special Committee on Space Life of the Council of China Space Science Society, reviewer of Bone, IJMS, Medical Engineering & Physics, LIFE and other journals, editor of Polymer column.

If you have interdisciplinary backgrounds, especially have engineering, medicine, biology backgroud, and you happen to interest in space and space life sciences, you are welcomed to join our research group.

Representative journal papers

  1. Cong-Jin Liu, Xiao Yang*, Shou-Hui Wang, Xin-Tong Wu, Yan Mao, Jing-Wen Shi, Yu-Bo Fan, Lian-Wen Sun*. Preventing Disused Bone Loss Through Inhibition of Advanced Glycation End Products. International Journal of Molecular Sciences, 2023, 24(5):4953.

  2. Cong-Jin Liu, Xiao Yang*, Yan Mao, Xiao-Xue Zhang, Xin-Tong Wu, Shou-Hui Wang, Yu-Bo Fan, Lian-Wen Sun*. The alteration of advanced glycation end products and its potential role on bone loss under microgravity. Acta Astronautica, 2023, 206:114-122.

  3. Li-Jin Liu, Yu-Bo Fan, Shou-Hui Wang, Xin-Tong Wu, Xiao Yang*, Lian-Wen Sun*. Enhanced osteogenic potential of periosteal stem cells maintained cortical bone relatively stable under microgravity. Acta Astronautica, 2023, 205: 163-171.

  4. Li-Jin Liu, Yu-Bo Fan, Xin-Tong Wu, Xiao Yang*, Lian-Wen Sun*. Comparison of stem cell characteristics between perichondral-derived stem cells and periosteal stem cells in postnatal rats. Medicine in Novel Technology and Devices, 2023, 18: 100238.

  5. Li-Jin Liu, Shuang Li, Xin-Tong Wu, Xiao Yang*, Lian-Wen Sun*. Contribution of endoplasmic reticulum stress response to the mechanosensitivity alteration in osteocytes under simulated microgravity. Acta Astronautica, 2022, 191: 522-527.

  6.  Zhuang Han, Lian-Wen Sun, Xin-Tong Wu, Xiao Yang*, Yu-Bo Fan*. Nonlinear dynamics of membrane skeleton in osteocyte. Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering, 2022: 249-260.

  7. Yu-Hao Tong, Xiao Yang, Xin-Tong Wu, Shou-Hui Wang, Li-Jin Liu, Lian-Wen Sun*, Yu-Bo Fan*. The effect of periodic stretching on countering bone loss in hindlimb unloading rat. Acta Astronautica, 2022, 190: 202-207.

  8. Xin-Tong Wu, Xiao Yang, Ran Tian, Ying-Hui Li, Cun-Yan Wang, Yu-Bo Fan*, Lian-Wen Sun*. Cells respond to space microgravity through cytoskeleton reorganization. FASEB J, 2022, 36(2):e22114.

  9. Xiao Yang, Cong-Jin Liu, Zhen-Zhen Wang, Dong Ding, Jing-Wen Shi, Xin-Tong Wu, Lian-wen Sun*, Yu-bo Fan*. Effects of advanced glycation end products on osteocytes mechanosensitivity. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 2021, 568:151-157.

  10. Shou-Hui Wang, Xiao Yang, Dong Ding, Xin-Tong Wu, Zhuang Han, Lian-Wen Sun*, Yu-Bo Fan*. The changes of bone vessels and their role in bone loss in tail-suspended rats. Acta Astronautica, 2021, 189: 368-378.

  11. Jun-Ling Wang, Yong-Bo Zhang*, Xiao Yang*, and Xiao-Bing Ma. Stress effect on 3D culturing of MC3T3-E1 cells on microporous bovine bone slices. Nanotechnology Reviews, 2020, 9(1):1315-1325.

  12. Dong Ding, Xiao Yang, Hui-Qin Luan, Xin-Tong Wu, Cai He, Lian-Wen Sun, Yu-Bo Fan. Pharmacological Regulation of Primary Cilium Formation Affects the Mechanosensitivity of Osteocytes. Calcified Tissue International, 2020: 1–11.

  13.  Dong Ding, Xiao Yang, Hui-Qin Luan, Xin-Tong Wu, Lian-Wen Sun*, Yu-Bo Fan*. The microgravity induces the ciliary shortening and an increased ratio of anterograde/retrograde intraflagellar transport of osteocytes. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 2020, 530: 167–172.

  14.  Shou-Hui Wang, Xiao Yang, Min Wang, Yun-Fei Huang, Dieter Blottner, Lian-Wen Sun*, Yu-Bo Fan*. The role of body fluid shifts on hindlimb bone loss in tail suspended rats using a novel body fluid alteration device. Acta Astronautica, 2019, 159: 1-7.

  15. Xiao Yang, Lian-Wen Sun*, Cheng-Fei Du, Xin-Tong Wu, Yu-Bo Fan*. Finite element analysis of osteocytes mechanosensitivity under simulated microgravity. Microgravity Science and Technology, 2018, 30: 469–481.  

  16. Xiao Yang, Ahmed Jenan Mostafa, Mark Appleford, Lian-Wen Sun*, Xiaodu Wang*. Bone formation is affected by matrix advanced glycation end products (AGEs) in vivo. Calcified tissue international, 2016, 99(4): 373–383.

  • Educational Experience
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[1]  2009.9 to 2016.1
Beihang University  | Biomedical Engineering  | Doctoral degree  | With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study
[2]  2006.9 to 2008.7
Beihang University  | Foreign Languages and Literature  | Bachelor's degree  | University graduated
[3]  2004.9 to 2008.7
Beihang Univerisyt  | Aeronautical and Astronautical Science and Technology  | Bachelor's degree  | University graduated

[1]   2023.7 to  Now
Beihang University  | School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering  | 党支部副书记  | Associate Professor  | on job
[2]   2016.6  to  2023.7
Beihang University  | School of Biological Science and Medical Engineering  | Assistant professor  | 在职

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[1]  2019.1 to Now 中国空间科学学会空间生命专业委员会秘书