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Jingjing Guo

Personal Information


Date of Employment:2020-12-17

School/Department:School of Instrumentation and Optoelectronic Engineering

Education Level:博士研究生


Contact Information:guojj13@buaa.edu.cn

Degree:Doctoral Degree in Engineering

Professional Title:Associate Professor


Alma Mater:Tsinghua University

Honors and Titles:


Jingjing Guo, PhD, Associated Professor in the School of Instrumentation and Optoelectronic Engineering at Beihang University. He received his PhD degree in Optical Engineering from Tsinghua University in 2018. His research interests include flexible optical devices, fiber-optic sensors and fiber lasers. He has been awarded the first prize of the National Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation in Optical Engineering, Wang Daheng Optics Award, Outstanding Postdoctoral Fellow of Tsinghua University, and funded by the National Postdoctoral Program for Innovative Talents and National Natural Science Foundation of China. He has published more than 20 peer reviewed papers in Advanced Materials, Advanced Functional Materials, Optica, etc. His published works have been selected as research highlights by MIT News, OSA Optics & Photonics News, Newsweek, Fox News, Laser Focus World, etc.

Other Contact Information

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Educational Experience

  • 2015.9-2016.7

    Harvard University | Optical Engineering | Visiting Scholar  

  • 2013.9-2018.1

    Tsinghua University | Optical Engineering | With Certificate of Graduation for Doctorate Study | Doctoral degree

  • 2009.9-2013.7

    Wuhan University of Technology | Optical Engineering | University graduated | Bachelor's Degree

Work Experience

  • 2020.12-Now

     School of Instrumentation and Optoelectronic Engineering | Beihang University | School of Instrumentation and Optoelectronic Engineering  | Associated Professor 

  • 2018.4-2020.7

     Tsinghua University  | Postdoctoral Fellow 

Research Group

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