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Gao Yukun

Personal Information

Supervisor of Master's Candidates


Date of Employment:2018-07-18


Education Level:博士研究生

Business Address:沙河校区实验七号楼414


Contact Information:gaoyukun@buaa.edu.cn

Degree:Doctoral Degree in Engineering

Professional Title:Lecturer


Alma Mater:北京航空航天大学






[1].Gao, Y., Zhang, C., Yang, N., Lu, S., You, T., Yin, P., A high sensitive glucose sensor based on Ag nanodendrites/Cu mesh substrate via surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy and electrochemical analysis, Journal of Alloys and Compounds [J], 863, 2021, 158758.

[2].Yang, Y., Sun, F., Zhao Y., Gao, Y., You, T., Yin, P.,Electrochemically synthesized superhydrophilic 3D tree-like Ag microstructure for ultrasensitive detection of omethoate, Microchemical Journal [J], 159, 2020, 105427.(通讯作者)

[3].Lu, S., You, T., Yang, N., Gao, Y., Yin, P., Flexible SERS substrate based on Ag nanodendrite-coated carbon fiber cloth: simultaneous detection for multiple pesticides in liquid droplet, Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry [J], 2020, 412, 5, 1159-1167.(通讯作者)

[4].Gao, Y., Yin, P., Effect of Bond Dispersion on Raman Spectra Shift in II−VI Semiconductor Nanocrystals, Inorganic Chemistry [J]. 2019, 58, 4859−4868.

[5].Gao, Y., You, T., Yang, N., Lu, S., Yin, P.,In situ monitoring of plasmon-driven photocatalytic reactions at gas-liquid-solid three-phase interfaces by surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy, Journal of Materials Chemistry C [J], 2019, 7, 9926.

[6].Gao, Y., Yin, P., Bond Nature of Raman Shift in CdSexS1-x Nanocrystals: A Bond-by-Bond Approach, Journal of Physical Chemistry C [J], 2019, 123, 35,  21751-21756.

[7].Gao, Y., You, T., Yang, N., Zhang, C., Yin, P., Superhydrophobic 3D Forest-Like Ag Microball/Nanodendrite Hierarchical Structure as SERS Sensor for Rapid Droplets Detection,Advanced Materials Interfaces [J], 2019, 1801966.

[8].Gao, Y., You, T., Yang, N., Yin, P., Superhydrophobic “wash free” 3D nanoneedle array as recyclable SERS substrate towards rapid detection, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical[J], 2018, 267, 129–135.

[9].Gao, Y., Liang B., Chen H., An experimental study on the recovery of potassium (K) and phosphate (P) from synthetic urine by crystallization of magnesium potassium phosphate[J], Chemical Engineering Journal, 2018, 337, 19–29.

[10].Gao, Y., Yang, N., You, T., Yin P., Ultra-thin Au tip structure: a novel SERS substrate for in situ observation of a p-aminothiophenol surface-catalytic reaction[J], RSC Aavances, 7, 8, 2017, 4541-4546.

[11].Gao, Y., Yin, P., Origin of asymmetric broadening of Raman peak profiles in Si nanocrystals[J], Scientific Reports, 7, 2017, 43602.

[12].Gao, Y., Yin P., Synthesis of cubic CdSe nanocrystals and their spectral properties[J], Nanomaterials and Nanotechnology, 7, 2017, 1-6.

[13].Gao, Y., Zhao, X., Yin, P., Size-Dependent Raman Shifts for nanocrystals[J], Scientific Reports, 6, 2016, 20539.

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