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Date of Employment:2020-12-02


Education Level:博士研究生

Business Address:5号教学楼315


Contact Information:18518944970(微信同号)


Alma Mater:清华大学;美国俄克拉荷马大学

Discipline:Biomedical Engineering

Research Group

Name of Research Group:“月宫一号”团队
Description of Research Group:




Education Level:博士研究生

Alma Mater:清华大学;美国俄克拉荷马大学



FENG Jiajie, male, an associate professor affiliated to "Lunar Palace 1" team of BME. Our team focuses on the life support technology of crewed deep space exploration (Bioregenerative Life Support System, BLSS). We lead in this area around the world. In 2018, we completed the longest and highest-closure large-scale ground-based experiment "Lunar Palace 365". The team won "China Youth May-Fourth Medal", with an excellent atmosphere.

During the PhD career in the United States, I innovatively combined high-throughput sequencing and other cutting-edge technologies with stable isotope labeling, proposed a new idea to examine warming from the perspective of microbial life activity, and found that warming activates carbon degradation activities of specific microbial groups, which is a new positive feedback form of microbial warming and has significant warning. I published 4 SCI papers with an average IF of 12.35.

My research interests are in-situ utilization of space resources (mainly lunar soil bio-improvement for plant cultivation) and organic solid waste treatment/reuse. In 2020, I returned to China after obtaining my PhD in the United States, and has obtained sufficient research funds. With the help from the team, my scientific research work has been on the right track, and high-level papers have been published. Suitable for students with biological background and wet-experiment experience; however, whether suitable for you to join me depends more on your personal ability and research interest. My management style tends towards openness and development rather than imprisonment. I am interested in psychology and music.

Other faculty members in the team are also excellent and responsible, and welcome to contact: LIU Hong, team leader, all directions; FU Yuming, plant and microbial Interaction, bioinformatics; HU Dawei, ecosystem modeling and simulation; XIE Beizhen, microbial fuel cells and waste treatment; LIU Hui, plant physiology and horticultural therapy.


2013/09-2019/11,University of Oklahoma,Microbiology, PhD

2009/09-2013/07,Tsinghua University, Biology, Bachelor

Publications in brief:

[1]    Feng, J., Penton, C. R., He, Z., Van Nostrand, J. D., Yuan, M. M., Wu, L., ... & Zhou, J. (2019). Long-Term Warming in Alaska Enlarges the Diazotrophic Community in Deep Soils. mBio (IF6.786), 10(1), e02521-18.

[2]    Guo, X.#, Feng, J.#, Shi, Z.#, Zhou, X., ... & Zhou, A. (2018). Climate Warming Leads to Divergent Succession of Grassland Microbial Communities. Nature Climate Change (IF: 21.722), 8(9), 813.

[3]    Feng, J.#, Wang, C., Lei, J., Yang, Y., Yan, Q., Zhou, X., ... & Zhou, J. (2020). Warming-induced permafrost thaw exacerbates tundra soil carbon decomposition mediated by microbial community. Microbiome (IF: 10.465), 8(1), 1-12.

[4]    Tao, X.#, Feng, J.#, Yang, Y., Wang, G., Tian, R., Fan, F.,  & Zhou, J. (2020). Warming Exacerbates Tundra Soil Lignin Decomposition Governed by Proteobacteria. Microbiome (IF: 10.465), 8, 1-12.

[5]    Liu, H.*, Yao, Z., Fu, Y., & Feng, J.* (2021). Review of research into Bioregenerative Life Support System (s) which can support humans living in space. Life Sciences in Space Research.

[6]    Yao Z, Feng J*, Liu H*. Bioweathering improvement of lunar soil simulant improves the cultivated wheat's seedling length[J]. Acta Astronautica, 2022, 193: 1-8.


1  一种生物改良月壤及其生产方法    202110933136.8         中国    刘红,姚智恺,冯佳界    发明专利        2021年8月14日,202110933136.8   2021年11月16日,202110933136.8         2022/4/15

2  一种利用微流体芯片研究固体粉末与生物试样之间相互作用的方法            202110085151.1         中国    刘红,姚智恺,冯佳界        发明专利        2021年1月21日,202110085151.1           2021年5月18日,202110085151.1   2022/11/9

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[1]  2009.9 to 2013.7
Tsinghua University  | Life Sciences  | Bachelor's Degree in Science  | 大学本科
[2]  2013.9 to 2019.12
University of Oklahoma  | Microbiology  | Doctoral degree  | 博士研究生

[1]   2020.12 to  Now
Beihang University  | "Lunar Palace 1" team