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In March 1995, she graduated with a PhD from Northwestern Polytechnical University, majoring in aerodynamics and flight mechanics. She joined Beihang University in April 1997 for the postdoctoral program, and has been stayed since then. She was promoted to a full professor in 2002 and selected as a doctoral supervisor in 2004. She was a visiting scholar at Cranfield University in the United Kingdom from 2005 to 2006, and twice as a guest August-Wilhelm Scheer professor in Technical University of Munich, Germany in 2018 and 2019. Currently she is a member of the Flight Mechanics Professional Committee of the Chinese Academy of Aeronautics, on the editorial board of the Flight Mechanics magazine, member of the C919 and MA700  Type Certification Boards, and member of the Aviation Subcommittee of the Transportation Professional Steering Committee of the Ministry of Education.

As the responsible professor, she established the Aircraft Airworthiness Technology major in Beihang, and trained the first domestic PhDs in this major. As one of the main academic leaders, she established the Beijing Key Laboratory of Aircraft / Engine Integrated System Safety. So far, more than 20 doctoral students and 60 master students have graduated supervised by her. In recent years, she teaches undergraduates Flight Mechanics, Introduction to Airworthiness, and graduates Advanced Flight Dynamics" and other courses. Among them, Flight Mechanics has been certified as a Beijing Excellent Course, and she has won a ministerial teaching award.

The main research areas are flight mechanics, flight control, and flight safety. Recently, she has focused on research of guidance and control of trans-atmospheric unmanned aerial vehicles, new concepts and control of green aircraft, safety and airworthiness technologies of drones and flight control systems, etc. 

Recent major publications:

Mengmeng Wang, Shuguang Zhang*, Florian Holzapfel, David Löbl, Fabian Hellmundt. Probabilistic Assessment of a Safety-Critical Backup Controller by Subset Simulation. Journal of Guidance, Control and Dynamics. doi: 10.2514@1.G003901

Yi LU, Shuguang ZHANG*, Zejing ZHANG, Xuan ZHANG, Peng TANG, Shan FU. Multiple hierarchy risk assessment with hybrid model for safety enhancing of unmanned subscale BWB demonstrator flight test. Chinese Journal of Aeronautics. doi: 10.1016/j.cja.2019.09.010

Mengmeng Wang, Shuguang Zhang, Florian Holzapfel and Fubiao Zhang. A back-up controller for large transport aircraft with insucient natural stability. Journal of Guidance, Control and Dynamics, 2017, 40(3): 666-679.

Yi Lu, Shu-Guang Zhang, Lian Hao, et al. System dynamics modeling of the safety evolution of blended-wing-body subscale demonstrator flight testing. Safety Science, 2016(89): 219-230.

Yi Lu, Shu-Guang Zhang, Peng Tang, Lei Gong. STAMP-based safety control approach for flight testing of a low-cost unmanned subscale blended-wing-body demonstrator. Safety Science, 2015(74 ): 102–113.

Gong Lei, Zhang Shuguang, Tang Peng, Lu Yi. An integrated graphic–taxonomic–associative approach to analyze human factors in aviation accidents. Chinese Journal of Aeronautics, 2014.4,27(2): 226–240.

Yi Lu, Karen Marais, Shu-guang Zhang . Conceptual modeling of training and organizational risk dynamics. Proceedings of the 3rd International Symposium on Aircraft Airworthiness, 2013.11.19-21, Procedia Engineering 80 ( 2014 ) 313–328. ISSN 18777058. 

Lu Yi, Zhang Shuguang, Li Xueqin. A hazard analysis-based approach to improve the landing safety of a bwb remotely piloted vehicle. Chinese Journal of Aeronautics, 2012, 25(6):846-853.

LU Yanhui, ZHANG Shuguang. An improvement on PWPF modulation of discrete RCS and design of the blended control logic. Acta Aeronautica et Astronautica Sinica, 2012, 33(9):1561-1570.  (In Chinese)

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Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates
Supervisor of Master's Candidates


Date of Employment:1997-05-01

School/Department:School of Transportation Science and Engineering

Education Level:博士研究生


Contact Information:gnahz@buaa.edu.cn



Alma Mater:Northwestern Polytechnical University

Discipline:Transportation Engineering
Aeronautical and Astronautical Science and Technology

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