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Stella Zhao

Personal Information

讲师(高校)   Supervisor of Master's Candidates  


  • Dr. Zhiyu Zhao (Stella), Assistant professor in New Media Art and Design in Beihang University. She is a supervisor for BA and MA students and gives lessons including Multimedia Interactive Design, Typography Design etc. She is a member of International Council of Visual Arts, China Graphic Design Association, The Prose Institute of China, a member of Western Returned Scholars Association, a judge of China VISAP'20 and Gundlberg Design Award.

    She obtained her Ph.D degree in Digital Design in 2016 and won Vice-Chancellors international Scholarship in De Montfort University in the UK. She has taught MA students in Art and Design in DMU, Meanwhile, she has worked 4 years for Digital Design Research Group in Art and Design and School of Computer Science and Informatics in DMU. She has contributed to numerous national academic projects globally as graphic designer and UI designer, including Affective Digital History.  

    She has published more than 30 articles and art works in professional academic conferences and journals, including Design Management Institute ConferenceInternational Conference on Interdisciplinary Design and Industrial-Academic CollaborationArt Research, etc. She holded a personal painting exhibition in National Library of Latvia in 2020. Moreover, she has won numerous awards and these art works have been selected in art exhibitions sponsored by China Artists Association, China Graphic Design Association, etc. She also published a book Looking back is like seeing for the first time which has been collected in National Library of Latvia.

    Research Field: Visual Communication, Design Management, Brand Design and Marketing

  • 1.     Judge of China VISAP’20

    2.     Judge of Competition on Acceptance Letter Design of Beihang University

    3.     Honorary Judge of Gundlberg Design Award