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Zhao Tingdi
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    研究员(自然科学) Supervisor of Doctorate Candidates:   Supervisor of Master's Candidates:
    Date of Birth:October 6, 1965
    Alma Mater:北京航空航天大学
    Discipline:Control Science and Engineering
    Business Address:北京航空航天大学为民楼526室
    Contact Information:13910390297
  • Resume

    Tingdi Zhao is the Professor of School of Reliability and Systems Engineering, Beihang University, BUAA.
    He engaged in the systems reliability engineering teaching, research and engineering application and other works more than 30 years. His main research fields are System safety and reliability engineering, System health management and effectiveness evaluation in complex systems.
    He undertook technical consultant on many projects such as ARJ21, C919, AG600, lunar project, manned spaceflight and Beidou navigation and application research and engineering application of the reliability and safety of aerospace, as well as the applications of reliability system engineering of household appliances, automobiles, machinery and equipment, special equipment, fire, oil and other sides.
    At the same time he also holds many positions, such as the vice chairman of the Aeronautical Society, the branch of Reliability Association and the academic committee National Special Computer Engineering Technology Research Center.
    His main research areas are system safety and reliability engineering. In recent years, his research work mainly included theoretical studies of system safety and reliability engineering for complex systems, etc.

  • Research Field

    [1]系统安全与可靠性工程(System Safety and Reliability Engineering)
    系统健康管理(System Health Management)
    复杂系统效能(Effectiveness of Complex System)
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