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Zhang Xueying
  • The basic information

    Lecturer Supervisor of Master's Candidates:
    Academic Titles:Lecturer
    Other Post:assistant to the dean of Beihang-Goertek joint institute of microelectronics in Qingdao
    Date of Birth:October 8, 1987
    Alma Mater:Beihang University / University Paris-Saclay
    Degree:Doctor's Degree
    School/Department:assistant to the dean
    Discipline:Electronic Science and Technology
    Business Address:Floor 5, building 6, Qingdao Research Institute of Beihang University
    Contact Information:+8615810541952
  • Resume

    Xueying Zhang, lecturer of Beihang University. He was graduated from the Unviversity Paris-Saclay in May 2018 and got the Ph.D degree on physics. He was graduated from the Beihang Unversity in June 2018 and got the Ph.D degree of engineering. He workes as lecturer in the school of microelectronics of Beihang Univerity from July 2018. His main research topics are: Magneto-Optical Kerr microscopy, magnetic domain wall motion, the design of novel spintronical devices, magnetic sensor etc. 


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