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Lin Qingfeng
  • The basic information

    Lecturer Supervisor of Master's Candidates:
    Date of Birth:July 7, 1975
    Alma Mater:Jilin University
    Degree:Doctor's Degree
    School/Department:School of Transportation Science and Engineering
    Discipline:Transportation Engineering
    Business Address:401 West wing building, Gongchengxunlianzhongxin,Xueyuan Road 37, Beihang University
  • Resume

    1993.9-1997.6,  Jilin University of Technology, Transportation college, Vehicle Operation Engineering, bachelor; 2000.9-2003.6, 2003.9-2006.6, Jilin university, Transportation college, Vehicle Operation Engineering, Master and Doctoral; 2006.7-2008.6, Postdoctor, Tsinghua university, Department of automotive engineering; 2008.6- now, Assistant professor, school of transportation science and engineering, Beihang university. Research interests: Intelligent automobile, Driver behavior, human-machine interaction, Road traffic safety evaluation; Automotive optimum control and Eco-driving assistance.

  • Research Field

    [1]Human-machine interaction for Intelligent vehicle
    [2]Traffic safety analysis and evaluation
    [3]Driver behavior
    [4]Advanced Driver Assistant System(ADAS)
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  • Education experience

    Jilin University | Vehicle Operation Engineering | PhD | PhD student
  • Working Experience

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