• Position:Professor
  • Doctor's Degree
  • Engineering
  • Professor
  • Materials Science and Engineering

Education Experience

  • 2011.82015.12

     Rice University   Chemistry   Ph.D. in chemistry 

  • 2007.92011.6

     Peking University   Chemistry   BS in Chemistry 

Job Experience

  • 2017.5Now

     Materials Science and Engeering   Beihang Universit | Professor 

  • 2016.32017.5

     Materials Science and Engineering   Stanford University | Postdoc 



Welcome to visit our website! The research of our laboratory is focused on advanced nanomaterials for some specific applications such as electronics, clean energy and catalysis. Specifically, we start from the controllable synthesis of high quality nanomaterials, and then further engineer their atomic structures by defects, alloying, heterostructures and interfaces to tune their phase, band gap, and optical, electrical and catalytic properties. The goal here is to figure out the relationship between the atomic structure and macroproperties and then improve the performance of nanomaterials for practical applications.
        We are committed to doing some basic research and also changing the world by discoveries and development of nanomaterials. Welcome to join us!

Best wishes,
Yongji Gong

  • Entry Time:2017-05-22
  • Graduated University:Rice University
  • Honor& Award:
  • Office Location:The New Main Building D439
  • Contact:Email: yongjigong@buaa.edu.cn